SikaMembran® Eco Out

Μεμβράνη στεγανοποίησης/φράγμα υδρατμών για προσόψεις - Υψηλού βαθμού διαπερατότητας υδρατμών

SikaMembran® Eco Out is an EPDM sheet membrane with a low vapor diffusion resistance (sd value 2 m) and is thus recommended on the cold side if there is an extremely high vapor pressure on the warm side. The SikaMembran® Eco system is an economic vapor control system comprising of various EPDM sheet membranes providing vapor control layers and waterproof barriers for curtain walls. They are suitable for most climatic conditions in combination with the appropriate adhesive.  

  • Highly flexible waterproofing and vapor control system
  • Fast, easy and secure application even in corners
  • Provided with CE-mark according to EN 13984: 2011
  • Meet fire retardant requirements of EN 13501-1 Class E
  • No additional mechanical fixing necessary
  • Membrane pre-treatment free
  • Suitable for uneven substrates (blowholes in concrete), leveling of substrate by adhesive
  • Suited to site conditions
  • Durable bond and barrier/seal
  • Very good ozone and UV resistance
SikaMembran® Eco Out